Tools and supplies for the bamboo rod maker

Welcome to my store

I am an amateur rod maker and also make tools and provide supplies for other rod makers. Take a look around and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

I occasionally have a Ferrule Hone or a Snake Guide Maker Kit in stock but for the most part the tools I make are made to order, Each item has an approximate lead time and I'd appreciate it if you would honor the lead time before contacting me about an order, any requests for information regarding an order prior to the lead time will be ignored, if I spend my day answering email and phone calls I don't get any work done.

I am a single person shop, I teach rod making classes, occasionally get to make a rod for myself and have a couple of very good friends that use my facilities so it takes me longer than expected to finish an item, please bear with me. I take great pride in making exceptional equipment and won't be rushed.  As we all know winter is the best time to make a rod so I quite often get overloaded with orders, when that happens I'll try to let you know how long your wait may be.